The sexy side of meditation.

“After a few years of meditation practice we can even learn how to occasionally ignore ourselves. And what relief that can be!”

­- Wes Nisker

On the surface, sex and meditation don’t appear to have that much in common. After all, when you’re meditating, you’re trying to rid your mind of all thoughts – especially those oh so distracting sexy thoughts. We think of sex as sensual and primal, while we see meditation as more spiritual and philosophical. To most people, they’re polar opposites.

Actually, it turns out sex and meditation are more like two sides of the same coin. According to a recent study in Scientific American (Scientificamerican article) when you meditate or have sex, it activates nearly the whole of the right side of your brain. What’s surprising about that? It’s the left side of our brain that’s associated with pleasure, not the right.

So what do sex and meditation have in common? They both make us less self-aware. In other words, they’re both activities where we’re totally lost in the moment, freed from our usual anxieties, doubts and fears. The joy of sex isn’t just the physical pleasure, but the emotional release – just like meditation.

And meditation can help improve your sex life, just like every other part of your life (just ask Sting). The more mindful you are during sex, the more intensely pleasurable it becomes.

So if you thought meditation was all about incense and baggy clothes, think again. Meditation has a sexy side.

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3 Responses to The sexy side of meditation.

  1. I’d love to know/explore this theme in greater depth (the sexier side of meditation). Is there a group I can join? Or a newsletter I can sign up for? And links to know as a great personal resource? Thanks for the introduction. Namaste.

    • Edwin says:

      i’m suffering from aixenty, depression, ocd plus i’m extremely selfconcious so i wanna find out 2. I’m going to this tai chi class for the 1st time in a couple of days and i’m hopin that will help since that’s an awesome way of meditation apparantly. I’m no expert but i know the most popular meditation position: the lotus, look up on google how to do it. Also it’s good to have a straight back (not leaning on a chair) and to focus on your breathing.References :

  2. Hamidah says:

    As a childbirth edautcor and founder of Hypnobabies, I love the beautiful relaxing melodies for both mothers and babies. I have given this Cd as a gift to help calm fussy newborns and soothe new mommies and it works like a charm! It is also wonderful for my pregnant Hypnobabies students, for relaxation and hypnosis practice and easing insomnia. I also have it playing daily in our office and everyone here is so relaxed, balanced and centered when it is playing. Creativity abounds! Keep making beautiful music, Maria! Kerry Tuschhoff

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